The Prologue – Amina’s Love Burden

You know what they say about an idle mind? Well, sitting in the lobby of the therapist’s office gave me too much time to think, and I swear, the devil was having his way with me. I scrolled through my phone, stared out the window of the high-rise office, adjusted my dress for the hundredth time, and pushed back the cuticles of my already perfectly manicured nails.

What the hell am I doing here, I silently repeated. I had gone through my insurance’s directory and gotten recommendations from one of my closest friends. Although I initially wanted a woman therapist, Dr. Leon Blackwell came highly recommended and had managed to squeeze me in at the last minute. As I stood up to flee the premises, the door creaked open.

Mrs. Thompkins?” he greeted. I turned around to face the voice that beckoned to me, and I froze. It was too late to turn back now. I plastered on a smile and stared at the tall, handsome stranger before me. His hair was almost completely gray, and I imagined I might add a few more grays to his head before he was done with me. …. read more

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Keisha Writenow Allen

Keisha ‘WriteNow’ Allen is a freelance and contemporary fiction author that hails from the vibrant city of Miami, FL. A project manager by day, Keisha is also a phenomenal singer and speaker. She credits a rediscovery of writing for saving her life.

In addition, Keisha enjoys creating stories with lighthearted humor that leave a profound message. She’s a testament of what the power of finding and following your purpose can do and aims to inspire others to do the same.

In her spare time, you can find her at a wine tasting event, music or comedy show, traveling, sampling vegan dishes, or simply curled up with a captivating read.

The Love Enthusiast

Amina ‘Badass’ Thompkins is a woman who defies time and embraces love with an unwavering spirit. In her fifties, she remains a timeless beauty, as a singer with an enchanting voice that captivates audiences, though she shies away from the limelight. Never having witnessed a man’s loyalty to a single woman, she seeks solace in unconventional relationships and leaves behind her true love, her husband, for a bandmate. Haunted by her own painful

experiences, not only does she have to navigate the treacherous waters of love but also the complex relationship with her mother. Puzzled by her mother’s differential treatment toward her and her older sister, she questions the secrets hidden within their family dynamics.

Additionally, the consequences of her past actions return to haunt her, turning her life upside down and causing her to question her faith in love itself. In a quest for true happiness, she must

confront the ghosts of her past, navigating the complexities of forgiveness, self-discovery, and the healing power of love.

Will she find the answers she seeks and rediscover the melody of love that once resonated within her soul? The Love Enthusiast is a poignant tale of resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a woman determined to love, despite the odds stacked against her. It is the second standalone novel in the Worth the Weight: A Love Like No Other series.

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